Houston Texas Paintball Series Rules 2020













Firing Modes


All Divisions:


NXL 10.5 Balls Per Second Capped

Lower rate of fire will be allowed



Age Restriction/Classification


Rookiethis division is for players with little to no tournament experience. All players must have an APPA ID and must be under a ranking of D5. All players will not move up during the season unless they play a division above Rookie. The top 4 teams in the division at the end of the season HAVE to move up to D5 the following year. This division can have one player with D5.

Division 5: This division is open to all ages and one D4 player will be allowed.  Some national event playing experience is allowed based on your APPA ID level.

Division 4: This division is open to all ages and one D3 player will be allowed per roster.


Game Roster Lock

Rosters will lock a week before the start of the event. All players and staff should be on the roster before this date to prevent any additional fees.


After this date, any changes to the roster will incur a $20 fee to add a player and will be done on the day of the event. No exceptions.



Game Format

We will be using a format for prelim play similar to the NXL. All teams will play a single team ONCE during the preliminary round, with a minimum of 8 games (depending on amount of teams registered). This allows for more dynamic play and not beating one single team.


Once teams move into the playoff rounds, we will switch to a round - 2 format. A team will play a single team in a best out of 3 game. First to score 2 points wins the match. There will be no ties or non scoring games during any part of the day. Teams will play the point again until a winner is decided. If no winner is decided, we will play one-on-ones.


The scoreboard speaker of each field will begin a game by giving a thirty second warning so that both teams are made aware the game will start in 30 seconds.



Game Start

The start of the game will be signaled by the scoring board buzzer.

Prior to the game starting, all players are required to touch and hold their barrel tips to the starting gate.

If a player is not touching the starting gate at the start of the game, that player will be eliminated immediately.

Out of Bounds

Each field will have a designated side line out of bounds. Out of bounds is designated anywhere behind the starting box.

Game Completion and Scoring

A game is completed once any of the follow occur:

- The flag is hung successfully on the opposing team’s flag station

- The game time expires.

- All players on both teams are eliminated. This will result in a tie game.

Once a player hangs the flag, game time is stopped and the player is checked for any paintball related hits. If the player is shown to be clean, the flag is considered successfully hung and the point is given to that team.

If the flag is hung and the player shown to be hit, that player will receive a minor penalty and one player on his team will be removed off the field allow with the flag carrier. If there are any other players to continue the game will resume. Otherwise the game will result in a no point.


In case of an emergency all games will be stopped and temporarily postponed until the emergency is handled and the playing fields are safe for the games to re start.

Clothing & Protection

Players can not wear anything that has the color pink, orange or yellow on it.


This is to keep the color of the paintballs from blending in with the color of the gear being used.


*Some exceptions can be made for sponsorship logos but the logo must be small enough for the referees to distinguish between the logo and hit on the player

- All players will be required to wear long bottoms and long sleeved top.

- Players are only allowed to wear 2 layers for the top.

- Head gear will be limited at a maximum of 3 layers with no exceptionally padded items on the head.

- 1 Pair of Knee Pads and 1 pair of arm pads are allowed per player.

- All players are required to wear paintball industry produced facial protection.



A player will receive a Minor Penalty if any of the following but not limited to occur


If a player is marked and continues to play paintball with an “Obvious” hit, this player will be eliminated and an additional team mate will be eliminated.


An obvious hit includes anywhere on the body and equipment EXCEPT for the paintball harness and pods.


Physical Contact Penalty:

Players are not allowed to touch one another once the game begins. This includes but not limited to players who are checking their other team mates before hanging the flag to complete a game. You are able to give a visual check but you are NOT allowed to touch the players on your team before the game is called, Game Over. If a player is seen touching another player prior to the end of the game, the player who was touched will be eliminated immediately.


The Houston Texas Paintball Series is event paint only tournament series. This means that the players are only allowed to use paintballs provided by HTPS.


If a team is caught using outside paintballs, said team will be disqualified from the tournament. All purchased paint and entry fees are non-refundable

Houston Texas Paintball Series Copyright 2019.

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