My first time ever playing paintball was in December of 1994. It was at a friend's birthday party in the winter time up in Massachusetts. With 3 feet of snow on the ground at Friendly Fire Paintball Park. Ever since my first time I got to shoot a paintball gun and hit somebody with it. Paintball got its hooks into me and it will never let me go. 

My first Paintball tournament was July of 1996. I was asked by one of the owners at my local paintball shop. He asked if I wanted to play a 3 man event. He would sponsor me to play if i wanted to tryout tournament paintball. It was woods ball at the time. My team lost every game for the season. But Kurt kept sponsoring us. I felt bad for wasting his money. Kurt said it was okay and continued to pay for my events. He taught me how to pay if forward in paintball. Help those who are new to paintball and help the sport grow.

The reason why I asked David and Kyle to help created the Houston Texas Paintball Series. I felt there was a lack of Local events in the Houston area. With so many new paintball players and veteran players, not able to play a tournament in the Houston area. We wanted to create a fun league where its gives new players and the veterans a great time and enjoyable experience without having to travel out of town.    

Richie Tran

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My first time ever playing paintball was in 2011 when I was invited by a friend. I had always wanted to try it out but never got the chance. We played at Survival Games of Houston. I loved it from the first time I played. The rental gun wasn't the greatest, so I went out the next day and bought my own.

Some time passed and a friend from work asked me to go out and play. At the time I was going to Tanks Paintball in Katy, TX and he wanted to go one weekend. After that say I played almost every weekend for the next year. I meet some great people and they asked if I wanted to play a tournament. Again, I was intrigued, and after playing my first tournament my focus changed to solely being a better paintball player.

I wanted to start this paintball league with Kyle Soares and Richie Tran to build back the tournament scene in Houston. I want to grow the sport and reach as many people as I can. I also want to put the fun back in tournaments. Too often are tournaments so serious and the will to win overshadows the urge to just have fun. I want a league that offers both.

David Harden

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